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List Builders, in general, are easy to use and provide a cost effective marketing strategy to assist with all your promotional needs. If you are new to list builders, the basic concept is members of the list builder view your website(s) advertising in the form of banners, text ads, login ads, solo ads and credit mailings, gaining credits to begin their own advertising campaigns; resulting in a practical marketing campaign for all parties.

As you read through the credit mailings to gain credits, many interesting ideas, tools and concepts will appear for your viewing. Most list builders are free to join, with options for upgrades that enhance the advertising experience. Upgrades provide access to more members and usually some additional advertising credits or impressions to increase your exposure.

You can never belong to too many list builders.

Building your list is key to your success, but newcomers to the online marketing venture may find this quite discouraging. List Builders provide the “Instant List” that all new and seasoned marketers need to get moving on their campaign. The more list builders that you have access to as a member, the larger your “Instant List”.

But with so many list builders to choose from for your promotions, tracking your success is important. Review the results and choose the most valuable services for your promotional needs. Keep in mind, I may have good results at one particular List Builder due to the type of promotion; your results may differ based on what you promote.

Amalgamation of the right advertising tools and the right traffic exchanges can greatly improve your success with online marketing.

You will find 12 of my favorite list builders, where I actually receive great RESULTS, under the Recommended Traffic tab

Factors I consider prior to recommendation are:

  • Tracking Results (Clicks)
  • Tracking Results (Sign-ups)
  • Promotions Advertised on the site
  • Commissions Earned
  • Commissions Paid by List Builder Owner
  • Customer Service

As traffic changes, please check the Recommended Traffic tab frequently for updates.  Based on all the above factors, as well as, new sites coming into the mix; changes in promotional tools occur.

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  • You’ve got great insights about listbuilder,list building,email list builder, keep up the good work!

  • You say that you can never belong to too many list builders, but the more list builders you belong too, the more e-mails you receive. Each one will send up to 80 mails per day, and you get credits toward advertising by reading other people

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