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Traffic Exchanges, in general, are easy to use and provide a cost effective marketing strategy to assist with all your promotional needs. If you are new to traffic exchanges, the basic concept is members of the traffic exchange view your website(s), gaining credits to begin their own advertising campaigns; resulting in a practical marketing campaign for all parties.

As you surf through the pages to gain credits, many interesting ideas, tools and concepts will appear for your viewing. Most TE’s are free to join, with options for upgrades that enhance the surfing experience.

Having a mouse and a computer gets your site huge exposure to the online marketing world in traffic exchanges. People from all over the world use this type of advertising daily. New traffic exchanges open daily, which means more members to see your sites. A fair number have leaned towards social networking, so surf, gain credits, meet people and most importantly get lots of free traffic to your site to gain the most exposure.

With so many traffic exchanges to choose from for your promotions, tracking your success is important. There is no sense wasting time at one exchange or not surfing enough at one that actually converts well. A surfing schedule should be followed to ensure you are not spending hours and hours surfing for no results.  Tracking is imperative. Review the results and choose the most valuable services for your promotional needs. Keep in mind, I may have good results at one particular TE due to the type of promotion; your results may differ based on what you promote.

Surfing can be time consuming; so another pointer would be to pick exchanges where you see the best promotions, networking abilities, have the best customer support and most importantly – get the best results!!

Amalgamation of the right advertising tools and the right traffic exchanges can greatly improve your success with online marketing.

You will find 12 of my favorite traffic exchanges, where I actually love to surf and receive great RESULTS, under the Recommended Traffic tab

Factors I consider prior to recommendation are:

  • Tracking Results (Clicks)
  • Tracking Results (Sign-ups)
  • Promotions Advertised on the site
  • Commissions Earned
  • Commissions Paid by TE Owner
  • Customer Service

As traffic changes, please check the Recommended Traffic tab frequently for updates.  Based on all the above factors, as well as, new sites coming into the mix; changes in promotional tools occur.

3 Responses to “Traffic Exchanges”

  • Hi Beth, I totally agree, tracking the traffic exchanges you use for your advertising is critical. lol Amalgamation, I had to look it up. In general, amalgamation is the process of combining or uniting multiple entities into one form.
    The factors you consider before giving your recommendation are very good key components for evaluation of a traffic exchange.
    Keep up the Great work Beth.

  • We think your information is handyand will return for and update in the future.
    We also have an information source that is top class and if we can find any synergy in our aims it would be great.

  • I consider the following as critical parameters in choosing a traffic exchange: the surf ratio (some are as high as 3:1 or 4:1), the number of sites and banner ads permitted (some allow only three), and the number of banner impressions given for each traffic credit (some are as stingy as 1:1, others are as generous as 25:1.

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